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17 May 2010 @ 07:19 pm
challenge #10 : pretty hair  

The girls (and the boys too :P) in OC California ALWAYS have so pretty hair.
In this challenge you have to create icons which shows the pretty hairstyles of the show.
All Caps are allowed.

Your icon must fit the LJ standards

[x] not larger than 40kB
[x] 100 x 100 px
[x] no animations allowed

You can submit up to 4 icons by  Sunday, 23 May (check out the exact time here)
Please post your icons in a new post and not as a comment to this entry.
Please tag your entry with your username.
If you need more time please tell me and you get more time =)

Some examples:

  [not the best examples - and i bet you guys will create more amazing one's xD]

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